All over Again
Friday, 23 January 2015, ϟ 0 shout(s)

It's mean all my past i've been delete.

What can i be conclude is just wow past is past, why should i keep it right ?

 Ya tahun baru dh. Tau dh. Sekolah menengah hidup berliku jgk . Sometime ok sometime it would be broke my heart into a small piece . It's because. People suck. It sucks, you know? I have always trained myself to comfort people after they spill me their problems. but i just can't be. Im the person that are not perfect . My weeknessss is more than my perfection . sobs sobs . So let me just type it out . Just type. Just will be enough. 

But now all i can say..

Disappointed. just to much 


new past